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frequently asked questions

Here I answer questions that I get asked often.

Q1. How long have you been drawing for?

I think I started to draw general in the 5th Grade ( like 4-5 years ago)

Q2. Why did you start drawing manga?
so, in the 5th grade I started with fashion design because my biggest was to be so famous like
Karl Lagerfeld,Gorgio Armani or luis vuitton. In the 6th grade I read so many fashion blogs and there I found an article about
a famous mangaka. This kind of drawing was very new for me, I loved these cute Girls, fairys and fantasy
figures, so I decided to draw this.

Q3.Who is your favorite manga artist?
I have a few favorite Manga artists, these are for german ones :
1. Chen
4. Nao-ren
they all inspire me , and I love their  styles to draw and to color...

q4. Who inspired you to draw?
In the 5th Grade, I started to draw these TOPModel girls ( a bit like fashion design).
When I looked up on google, I found these "strange figures" and I was very inspired.

Q5. What is your favorite Anime/Manga?
My favorite Manga, is definitely "Golden Tales" by Tsukiji Nao ( Japanese Mangakas are the best *.*)
I really like the way she shapes her storys.
I`m really indecisive for the anime, cause I dont look them in general. My favorite one´s are for example Highschool of the dead and Guilty Crown.

Q6. Do you prefer digital or traditional art?
I personally draw traditional, and edit my works in photoshop. But the most
of my faves are traditional.

Q.7 What is your favorite Color?
My favorite color is a brown champagner tone.

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